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Relationship between sugar and cancer is now clearer, scientists say
Belgian scientists say they've made a research breakthrough in the relationship between sugar and cancer. Researchers found yeast with high levels of the sugar known as glucose overstimulated the same proteins often found mutated inside human tumors, ...
Belgian study links aggressive tumor growth with sugar intakeNew York Daily News
Breakthrough Finding: How Sugar Fuels Cancer GrowthNewsmax
Does Sugar Affect Tumor Growth? This Study Says Yes, But Here's Why You Shouldn't Swear Off Your Favorite TreatsBustle
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Big surprise: Kids spending too much time on screens, not enough being active, data finds
New data shows most Canadian children and youth are still not getting the recommended amount of daily physical activity. Two studies from Statistics Canada reveal they are also spending more time in front of digital screens than experts like. 0.
Young children are spending much more time in front of small screensMinnesota Public Radio News

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Study: People are aware of when they die
NEW YORK, N.Y. (WIVB) — Researchers in New York say that after a person dies, their brain is still active. What this means, according to CBS contributors, is that “in many cases they can be aware that they've passed away.” The research has been done ...

Scientists engineer proteins that caused obese animals to lose weight and lower cholesterol
Los Angeles Times
As the U.S. obesity rate has galloped toward 40%, doctors, drug designers and dispirited dieters have all wondered the same thing: What if a pill could deliver the benefits of weight-loss surgery, but without the knife? New research brings that hope a ...
Engineered protein treatment found to reduce obesity in mice, rats and primatesMedical Xpress
Engineered proteins lower body weight in rats, primatesABP LIVE

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BBC News
Hundreds of families block organ donation
BBC News
Organs from 505 registered donors could not be made available for transplant in the last five years because of objections from relatives. BBC 5 live found that almost a third of families blocked organ donation because they felt the process took "too long".
Organ donation opt-out - NI 'not ready'BBC News
Relatives of registered organ donors block more than 100 transplants a
Families stop donation of organs from deceased relatives who are registered
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Excessive Exercise May Harm The Heart, Study Suggests
I cover health, medicine, psychology and neuroscience. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. There's a sweet spot when it comes to exercise, it seems. Studies have found that too little exercise doesn't produce the health benefits we ...
Yes, you can exercise too much — and raise your risk of an early death, study findsSacramento Bee
You can exercise yourself to death, says new studyNew York Post

The Denver Post

The Sun
Glam gran claims the secret to her youthful looks is rubbing URINE on her face every day
The Sun
But Stella Ralfini is actually 70 years old – and her age-defying secret is rubbing pee all over her face. Stella claims rubbing wee on her face is the secret to her youthful looks. Mercury Press. 6. Stella claims rubbing wee on her face is the secret ...
Nobody ever believes this woman's real age - but her secret to looking youthful may make your stomach

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Fox 59
One in nine American men is infected with oral HPV, study shows
Fox 59
About one in nine American men is infected with the oral form of human papillomavirus (HPV), according to a new study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. Nationwide, rates for oral HPV infections are 11.5% of men and 3.2% of women: 11 ...

St. Louis American
Experts advise getting flu shots early in the season
St. Louis American
Influenza (flu) season is here. The season typically begins in October and can run as late as May. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that millions of people get the flu every year, thousands are hospitalized and some people even ...
What Australia's record-breaking flu season means for SingaporeChannel NewsAsia
Save a life. Get a flu shot.UT The Daily Texan
Three early flu cases could signal severe season in El Paso CountyColorado Springs Gazette
Pocono Record -Dolphin -Reading Eagle
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